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Let go of that red hot coal

If you had to get to school, work, or practice,...

Live like you’re mic’d

Recently, I traveled to the east coast for an...

5 tips to getting a job

Sooner or later, most of us will need to find a...

5 Vital New Year Success Tips

Wow! So here we are again, in the infancy of a...

It’s time to rock!

I’ve met some incredible people in the past few...

The boredom cure

“What a boring event,” the man said who was...

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“Cool Stuff” Media, Inc. provides fun and engaging sources of information, including books, audio programs, and speaking events to encourage, motivate, educate, and stimulate young people to thrive in the real world.

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Customer Testimonials

Michelle Bissonette, High School Teacher, Los Altos, California

This book [Cool Stuff They Should Teach in School] should be required reading for all young people!

Link Up Parents, Book review

If there was only one book to give to your teenager, Cool Stuff should be the one.

Michelle Truong, High School Teacher

This is exactly what we needed to meet our course guidelines. Every chapter is relevant and useful for success of today and of the future.

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